ESC 1000 Earth Science    Name:____________


Chapter 4: Rocks: Weathering, Soil and Mass Wasting

Part E End of Chapter Review Questions                                       11 Points


Your instructor will either choose three questions of the following or they will be circled on the paper. You write a short answer for 4-4-3 points each:


  1. (#14) List three detrimental effects of soil erosion other than the loss of top soil from croplands.
  2. (#7) How is carbonic acid (H2CO3) formed in nature? What results when this acid reacts with potassium feldspar?
  3. (#1) Describe the role of external processes in the rock cycle.
  4. (#21) Describe the mechanisms or factors that contribute to the slow downslope movement called creep.
  5. (#`10) Which of the controls of soil formation is most important? Explain.
  6. (#3) How does mechanical weathering add to the effectiveness of chemical weathering?
  7. (#15) Name the primary ore of aluminum and describe its formation.